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Text Message Marketing

Convert more prospects into paying customers. 90%+ of all text message are read within minutes. Build better relationships with text message marketing (also called SMS marketing). Use our simple yet powerful messaging platform to build your list, manage ALL your prospect and customer conversations in one place, no matter who is having the conversation, either on your desktop computer or mobile device and without sharing or using your personal cell phone number

Reputation Management

Understand, manage, improve, and protect your business reputation both in-person and online using our powerful local marketing strategy + software solution so you can deliver a 5-star customer experience consistently to virtually all of your customers and clients. Use Bain & Co's simple yet really powerful NPS (Net Promoter Score) framework to get fast feedback without burdening your customers with long and painful surveys.

Local Marketing

Get more customers now using our simple, affordable, and time-saving local marketing strategy + software + group coaching solution. Quickly and easily implement our local marketing services and software without it being complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Also, use our platform to build and grow your list everyday so that you can talk directly to your customers, get feedback, get reviews, share specials, etc. instead of being at the mercy of always having to pay for attention.


Use our webchat "widget" combined with our local text message marketing strategy + software solution to drive better engagement and make connecting with your business even easier. Our webchat feature can be added to any website or webpage on the web so you can allow prospects to ask questions, get quotes, get directions, and offer you new customers and existing customers fast access that makes them feel special and valued.

Reviews & Ratings

Double, triple, even 10x your reviews. We offer simple yet powerful reviews and rating software that allows you to virtually automate how you manage your customer reviews...and get a lot more 5-star reviews! We live in a feedback economy. Over 90% of consumers will check reviews before making a purchase. 46% of all searches on Google are for local-based businesses and over 50% of these searches result in the person taking action that day. If you want your fair share of hot prospects calling or visiting your business, you need a customer review strategy. We can help.

Custom CRM

We offer custom CRM services that actually work for your small business. We specialize in helping Coaches, Consultants, appointment-based businesses, and small sales teams create and implement a 3 step framework that customizes, centralizes, systematizes, automates, and simplifies your entire sales and marketing process. Using our proprietary DKHS framework, we first structure your sales pipeline and then combine your sales pipeline with calendars and workflows to create a process that works for you and your team.


Refer a business. Earn up to $200. Have you seen our customer guarantee? It's so good, it has it's own name. Start with a free 7-day trial. Then enjoy being covered by our 30-Day No-Questions-Asked money back guarantee. Then, refer friends and receive a cumulative discount. Refer 1, get 20% off. Refer 5, get 100% off or FREE for as long as your referrals are paying customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

William & Hill is part service and part product/software. Our service is a workshop designed to teach you how to get more new and repeat customers more efficiently very quickly and, in a very short time, be able to manage your marketing in 30 minutes per week. This is a service we provide through our Get More Customers Workshop for just $27. Our product or software is a platform that helps you automate many of your most important marketing activities so you don't have to worry about them anymore like growing your prospect and customers list, reputation management, getting reviews from Google, Facebook, and possibly Yelp and being able to market to these lists with just a few clicks of a button. We also offer coaches, consultants, high-ticket course creators, appt-based business owners, and small sales teams a custom CRM / sales and marketing platform that actually works for their business. We use our proprietary DKHS framework to customize, centralize, systematize, automate, and simplify our client's entire sales and marketing process so they don't have to keep doing manual tasks (that can be automated like sending emails, appointment reminders, and much more) and things that negatively impact productivity. Most importantly, we set up a CRM that actually works, converts more prospects into paying clients, and never lets another lead fall through the cracks...ever again.

Yes. our local marketing strategy + software solution includes unlimited text message marketing services (also called text messaging) giving you the ability to communicate and build better relationships with your customers. Easily share important information, sales, promotions, or even wish your prospects and customers happy birthday via text messages to their mobile devices/cell phones. It is a type of digital marketing that helps brick-and-mortar-based local based business owners build relationships on a more personal level.

SMS (short message service) is the same as text message marketing. If you have additional questions about this type of marketing, please refer to our above explanation about text messaging. Today, as you are probably well aware, there are lots of types of messages. There are messages that happen inside of webchat "widgets," Facebook messages, Google messages (inside your Google business listinng) and direct messages that happen inside of a number of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Reputation management, when it's applied to local brick-and-mortar businesses, is the process of understanding, applying lessons learned, protecting, and improving, a business's reputation so the business can better deliver a 5-star experience and more consistently deliver these experiences on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

Yes. Both our local business and restaurant-specific strategy + software solution comes with a simple yet powerful automated reputation management feature. We help our customers use Bain and Company's NPS (Net Promotor Score) framework that asks one question designed to get quick feedback and determine if follow-up is necessary and goes a long way in helping you keep a close eye on your business reputation and customer experience.

We offer several services to suit our customers. Our strategy + software solution starts with our Get More Customers Now workshop and is just $27. Our local business marketing software (that includes multi-channel messaging (Google messaging, Facebook messaging, 2-way text messaging, etc), web chat, missed call text back, text to pay, contacts database, tag management, workflows, SMS templates, and more) is currently less than 50% of our higher-priced competition. We strongly suggest you start with our just $27 Get More Customers NOW Workshop so you can decide if our software solution is something you need…or not. We also offer a mastermind group that is invite-only. Our custom CRM services start at $497 mo. for 1-3 person small sales teams.

Yes. In fact, our guarantee is so good, it has its own name! It's called our "guaranfree" because, in addition to being covered by our 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, we offer a discount program when you refer new clients to us. The program is cumulative which means you get a 20% discount for each client you refer for as long as he/she is a client. Refer one, and get 20% off. Refer 5, and get 100% off. In other words, your services are FREE!

We start with our "Get More Customers NOW" Workshop. It explains, in detail, the why, what, and how of our restaurant marketing strategy + software solution. After this mini-workshop, you will be able to implement what you've learned into existing tools and resources you may already have available to you (like an existing POS system, etc) or use our turn-key software solution that we've designed specifically for restaurants, food trucks, and other food establishments and for less than 50% of the cost of comparable higher priced with inferior features.

Yes, we do help local business owners (sometimes known as brick-and-mortar businesses. Just like our restaurants, we start with our "Get More Customers NOW" Workshop. It explains, in detail, the why, what, and how of our restaurant marketing strategy + software solution. After this mini-workshop, you will be able to implement what you've learned into existing tools and resources you may already have available to you (like an existing POS system, etc) or use our turn-key software solution that we've designed specifically for restaurants, food trucks, and other food establishments and for less than 50% of the cost of comparable higher priced with inferior features.

Yes, we do offer web chat services as part of our local marketing strategy + software solution. Our web chat feature allows your visitors to contact you directly and start a 2-way text chat conversation. Our web chat "widget" can be placed on any website as long as you can embed the code into your website. We're happy to help walk you through how to do that yourself as long as you have access to your website hosting and editor.

Yes! Our strategy + software solution does include a Google reviews and customer feedback strategy that virtually automates the process so you don't forget to ask, and consistently get valuable customer feedback you can use to improve and/or protect your business rating, reviews, and reputation.

Yes, we offer several layers of live assistance plus our 24-hour email assistance outside of regular office hours. We offer live text-based assistance, live "office hours" assistance, and by appt. 5-15 minute Google Meet assistance.

We offer a full suite of local marketing features including text messaging, conversations management, Google reviews software, missed call text back, web forms, web chat widget, text-to-pay, website hosting, course/membership functionality, funnels, surveys, blogging, social media posting management, calendars, pipelines, etc.

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